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Arrow Valley First School

Arrow Valley First School

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Spring 1

Signs of Winter


In January we began by exploring the signs of Winter. We carried out lots of ice exploration tasks and looked at the changes we could see in our local environment. We noticed that the trees had no leaves, there were berries on the bushes and that it was sometimes slippery outside when it was frosty. 

Hibernation and Migration 


During the colder months we started to wonder about all of the animals who live outside. It was then that we learnt about hibernation and migration. We looked at many of the different animals that hibernate and completed lots of different activities. One of our favourite tasks was creating hibernation boxes for hedgehogs that were warm, safe and comfortable. We then thought about the animals that travel to warmer places during the Winter and we ourselves travelled to lots of different places around the world - we even built our own aeroplane! We travelled to Brazil and explore Brazilian music, Australia to create aborigional art, we went on safari in Africa and also explored Chinese New Year.