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Arrow Valley First School

Arrow Valley First School

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Spring 2


We began this half term by looking at sunflowers. We are now sunflower experts and can name the different parts, talk about what a sunflower needs to grow healthily and explain the lifecycle of a sunflower. During Literacy sessions we looked at the story 'The sunflower that went FLOP!' and really enjoyed turning into actors and actresses to act out the story. In Maths we explored measure and had lots of fun comparing our own height to that of our giant sunflower. In Art we focussed on the artist Vincent Van Gogh and recreated his famous sunflower painting. We have also planted lots of sunflower seeds in our outdoor classroom and cannot wait to see them flowering in the Summer!

Jack and the Beanstalk

One morning a beanstalk and castle had appeared in our classroom. We decided the Castle must belong to a Giant as the objects we found were far too big for us! We then found the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We had lots of fun learning songs about Daisy the cow, Jack and the Giant. We planted beanstalks, made castles, created our own golden harps and much more!

Healthy Me

Before Easter we began investigating how we can keep ourselves healthy. We thought about exercising, eating healthily and brushing our teeth. We observed our heart rate and breathing before and after exercise and explored how and why it changed. We talked about which foods we should eat a lot or a little of and created yummy fruit salads. We also discussed why it is important to look after our teeth and how we can do this.